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Helping you vote in Los Angeles county for the best candidates

Our Los Angeles Voter Guide recommendations are designed to help you cut through the rhetoric, election propaganda and biased media coverage of the campaigns.

Unfortunately, many candidates may be incompetent, corrupt or insensitive to good government.

They don’t care about the taxpayer, better communities and a government that serves, not controls. They care about being elected. they care about special interests.

Even worse, many have a political or social agenda, not a desire to serve the people, protect liberty and build jobs or better schools.

This ends in poor government, higher taxes and a disintegrating quality of city life or education for our children and family.

We evaluate each candidate based a selection of standards, including the 10 family values criteria on the right. Each candidate receives a questionnaire, and many are personally interviewed. See questionnaires here: for Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, Judicial, City Council, Community College, Special Districts and School Board.

Our research indicates that each supported candidate possesses integrity, honesty and a servant’s heart.

Best wishes,
Craig A. Huey
Craig A. Huey

June 3, 2014 Elections – Coming Soon

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You’re the first place I go for voting recommendations

“Thank you so much Mr Huey for these recommendations, and for sending out this email as a reminder! Your site is the first place I go for voting recommendations.



Thank you!


“I just want to thank you for providing your helpful input and suggestions on your LA Voter Guide website. It was quite helpful to me—especially with a panel of candidates whose names I have rarely or never heard—let alone not knowing what kind of politics they are likely to offer in their anticipated positions.

“I’ve received help in making my voting decisions from some folks whose opinions I trust. I’m passing around the link to your website as a helpful resource for my friends and colleagues.

“Thank you!”

Incredibly useful and informative


“Thank you so much for this incredibly useful and informative voting guide. With the confusion and double-talk that come along with bonds, measures, propositions, etc., I appreciate your hard work and effort in providing this guide to help sift through the politics.

“Thank you again for all your hard work. May God bless you and all you do.”

Appreciate your insight


“THANK YOU…after searching the web for local election information for over an hour, I found your site, and I truly appreciate your insight on these important issues.”
—John and Sonia

Thank you for helping to “get to the bottom line”

“Mr. Huey,

“I caught one of your interviews on KWVE and was very impressed. Thank you for your willingness and time for researching and compiling all this information for those of us with limited time and resources. Thank you also for helping to ‘get to the bottom line’ on so many measures that are, quite frankly, confusing and misleading.”

Thanks for all you do

“Hi Craig,

“I heard your presentation. Thanks very much for all you’re doing. I really appreciate your recommendation on judges. I vote no unless I know something about judges.”

Significant research provided


“Congratulations on the ‘awesome’ success of the Forum at St. Andrew’s. I appreciate the significant research on the judges and the propositions—very good job."